Muddy Shoes

Dommes show off their muddy shoes

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Mistress Nikita felt that she needed to test her slave's pain endurance. She wanted to use that as a chance to pass time and to have fun at his expense. So she did not care what he felt. She was just doing it for fun. She used her boots which were muddy to do it and he was shocked that she could do that to him. He had to also lick them.

Lady Karame was not in a good mood and this guy pissed her when he tried to hit on her. She pretended to like it and she asked him to move to where she was seated. But instead of the fun he expected to have with her, he ended up being humiliated and dominated by the mistress who made him lick her muddy hunter boots until they were spotlessly clean.

Mistress Tiffany had to win her case by all means. And she had told her lawyer as much. But he ended up losing the case and she was not happy at all. To show him how much she hated his losing the case, the mistress forced him to undress and she went ahead to make him lick her muddy rubber boots clean. She sat back and enjoyed it as he did it.

This loser needed to be punished for being negative. He was a negative influence and he liked to distract and also discourage people. She did not want such a person near her and she tortured him with her muddy shoes so that he learned a lesson and stopped that bad behavior. So she used muddy shoes to ballbust him and he cried and begged her to stop telling her he had learned his lesson.

Madame Marissa purposefully made her feet muddy. The mistress did this so that she could use her feet to dominate and to degrade her slave for messing up. Once her feet were sufficiently muddy, she summoned the slave and she forced him to lick her feet. He licked them as well as she wanted and within a few minutes, her feet were as clean as she wanted them to be.

Mistresses Evelyn and Hannah wanted this loser to learn how to be hardworking. They felt that the slave was lazy and they could not afford to keep a lazy slave in their house. The mistresses, therefore, chose to punish him for it. They used their muddy shoes to do it and they made sure he was degraded like never before. He begged for mercy but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

Mistress Natasha was angered by her boyfriend. He had called her another girl's name and she hated it. It made her feel like she was thinking about another woman when with her and that he might be cheating on her. So she punished him using her muddy shoes. She made him lick her soles and she did other crazy things to him to warn him never to cheat on her.

Goddess Nika was new to domination and torture. She was not comfortable doing the crazy things she had seen other mistresses do. So she sought to start in a small way. And this she did by using her boots to stomp on this loser. She made sure the boots were dirty before she asked him to lick them and then used them to trample and make him dirty. It was a good start for her and she planned to build on it.

Goddess Chanel brought along her friend Courtney to humiliate her pathetic slave today. The cruel dommes force the loser to lick their dirty combat boots. He has to use his tongue to get the dirt out of the deep tread of their boots and of course the girls don't miss out any chance to further humiliate him - they kick his face, spit on him and verbally abuse this loser!