Muddy Shoes

Dommes show off their muddy shoes

These mistresses had beef with the owner of this expensive sheepskin. And they knew how much he loved it. It was his pride and joy because it was rare. The mistresses chose to send a message to him by stealing it and then trampling and stomping it with their dirty and muddy shoes. When they were done doing it, the mistresses left it for him to find and wrote a note for him.

Lady Karame wanted to humiliate this loser and she did it with her boots. The boots were muddy and she wanted them licked clean. He had thought he would be asked to wash them but he was shocked when he was told to lick them instead. He tried to talk to her to allow him to wash them but she did not agree. He had no choice but to do it her way.

Lady Shay went to the farm where this guy had planted some plants. They were very tiny and she did not think twice but went ahead to crush and stomp on them. It did not take her long to crush and destroy them. The mistress did all this because this loser had not paid her the money he had borrowed from her. He regretted not doing it because he had a huge loss to contend with.

Mistress Liliana felt that this guy was not obedient and he needed to be trained to be. She did not want to stay with a slave who was not obedient. The mistress, therefore, used her shoes to teach him how she wanted him to behave. And the guy was forced to lick her feet in order to learn how she wanted him to do things. He had no option but to do it.

This mistress had asked this guy for directions but he got her lost. She was so angry at him for the wrong directions that she waded in mud and she went back to find the guy who had given her the wrong directions so that she could punish him for what he had done. She did not care how cruel it was or if he was not malicious when he misled her.

Mistress Christin and lady B found some of the fruits that had not been picked during harvest fallen on the ground and they crushed it with their boots. They wanted to crush it so that the seeds would come out and in so doing, give them a chance to grow again. The mistresses had never tried planting seeds in that manner but they did not mind trying it and seeing where it would lead.

Lady Karame noticed that her slave needed a wake-up call and she gave it to him in the form of muddy shoes. She went out and she stepped in mud then she came with it to the house. He had to lick her shoes and make sure there was no mud on them. When he was done, he had to lick the places she had stepped on and remove the mud too.

Madame Marissa purposefully made her feet muddy. The mistress did this so that she could use her feet to dominate and to degrade her slave for messing up. Once her feet were sufficiently muddy, she summoned the slave and she forced him to lick her feet. He licked them as well as she wanted and within a few minutes, her feet were as clean as she wanted them to be.

Mistresses Evelyn and Hannah wanted this loser to learn how to be hardworking. They felt that the slave was lazy and they could not afford to keep a lazy slave in their house. The mistresses, therefore, chose to punish him for it. They used their muddy shoes to do it and they made sure he was degraded like never before. He begged for mercy but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

Mistress Natasha was angered by her boyfriend. He had called her another girl's name and she hated it. It made her feel like she was thinking about another woman when with her and that he might be cheating on her. So she punished him using her muddy shoes. She made him lick her soles and she did other crazy things to him to warn him never to cheat on her.

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